BIZZ Fast Track Programme (3 Months)

Do you want to start or grow a business?

Struggling to start a business or have already started your own business, but don’t know what to do next (or just want to know more about entrepreneurship), we can support and guide you!

BIZZ fast track programme

What can we do together?

We will cut through the noise, complexity, buzz words and tell you in simple terms what you really need to know to start, launch and grow a successful business and brand. Taking you through the essential building blocks to help you and your business move forward, completing exercises, templates and questions to implement the learning into your business.

Shirley Palmer

Why The Simple Series team?

Over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, starts-ups, SME’s, business owners, directors, founders, CEO’s to start and grow phenomenal businesses.

We believe that the best way to learn is by being yourself and utilising your entrepreneurial mindset. The Simple Series fast track programme is the perfect 3-month experience that puts the practical application of new and existing skills, talents and knowledge with mindfulness at its core.

Imagine being able to unlock your entrepreneurial mindset to build or improve upon your own business, to launch your project and gain added success not just for you but your team, customers and community.

Part of our initiative is to grow the local and national entrepreneurial culture with an emphasis currently on the UK and Ireland economies. We will support any entrepreneur or business owner from pre-start, early stage, late stage or those looking for diversity in these challenging times.

Our programmes are people led and people driven.

*Additionally, we can tap into our network of successful entrepreneurs where you can gain added knowledge and insights.

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What are we promising you?

Our promise is to guide and encourage you through these changing times.

Maybe one option right now is to build upon your vision, create your own job, by starting a business. Trust us, this is easier than you think! As little as twenty years ago you would need a large capital sum, a strong business plan and a great bank manager just to get started.

With our help and guidance, we can show you how to build your products, services, business and brand at a minimal cost and of course making sure you have a viable business model before spending too much money on branding, websites, company set-ups etc.

Another option is to be able to reposition your current business, step back for a little while and focus on working on your business instead of constantly working in your business. This is where growth can be truly found.

Whichever option you decide, we can support you! One thing we are sure of you’ll develop your entrepreneurial skillset and mindset so that you can launch and grow your business with ease and confidence whilst sharing your unique style.

What do you get?

  • Immersive experience
  • Digital modules
  • Weekly zoom sessions
  • Weekly live mentoring sessions
  • Peer support
  • Online community
  • No travel required

Since the program is via Zoom, there is no travel required, so that you continue to focus on your business and other obligations while you participate in the programme.

We understand the power of a collaborative community so from day one we will connect you with our Facebook Group (just for your cohort) and our Facebook community of 100’s of peers to support you through your entrepreneurial journey.

What we are looking for?

Here are a few of the questions we will ask you to establish whether this programme is the perfect fit for you.

  • Are you thinking of starting a business?
  • Are you the owner or decision maker in your business?
  • Are you working part-time or full-time on this business?
  • Do you know there are customers who want your product or service?
  • Do you employ staff?
  • Are you aiming to build your team?
  • Are you looking to grow or scale your business?
  • Does your current business structure need to be improved upon or a stronger implementation?
  • If your business is already growing are you committed to accelerating that growth?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions they simply help us determine if The Simple Series fast track programme is right for you. We want to make sure we can get the best out of you so that you can get the best out of us. We are only looking for committed individuals who are ready to grow themselves and their businesses.

Programme info

  • Duration – 3 months
  • Programme start – from Sept 2023
  • Format – online, part-time
  • Fees – £499 inclusive of vat (*£799)

*Normal RRP – special offer.

NB. Payment plans available – just ask.


Hear it straight from our initial fabulous cohort. 

“Really enjoying the programme, feeling like a complete novice with the business side of things but with Shirley and the team’s very supportive and knowledgeable expertise – I know we will excel.” – Keeley

“I feel like I’m starting to see things a lot clearer when it comes to running a business and although the tools I am learning were for a future business that I will be starting when all this madness is over, to my surprise I can also implement them with my current business too. This programme is most definitely for anyone either in business or starting up with an idea.

I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Shirley and the team supporting me when I was feeling down a few weeks back I wouldn’t be where I am now with this clear and informative programme. Thank you.” – Heather

“I am really enjoying the programme. The biggest thing for me is my motivation and lately it’s something I’ve lacked. However, when I read one of the Simple Series Facebook posts or after 5 minutes into the live sessions, I’m geared right back up. Phenomenal support by both mentors who are filled with knowledge and it is such a lovely group of people to be on this journey with.” – Monique

“I have found that working in a group like this is very supportive and engaging, as well as the presence, knowledge and participation of our great mentors, Shirley and the team. They instil a positive and simple approach to overcome fears, doubts and accompanying us optimistically towards our success.” – Emanuela

“Thanks for everything.  This programme is really helping me focus on what is important and what I want for the business.   And it’s definitely filling the gaps in my business knowledge.” – Sandi

“I’ve gained, learnt and build so many valuable skills during the time on the programme and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Support has been fantastic; we are always encouraged and it’s the best feeling growing your business but not having to do it all fully on your own!” – Steph

“This programme gave me access to knowledgeable, experienced and supportive business mentors and a lovely group of people who are in a similar position to me. It is a brilliant place to learn, progress, share losses, wins and offers invaluable support and guidance. It’s provided me with direction when I’ve felt unsure, lost my way and confidence. Highly recommend  the Simple Series team and their programmes.” – Clare

Frequently asked questions

As you contemplate either starting or growing your business you may be struggling with some of these questions. That’s why The Simple Series Team put together some simplistic answers to help you make your decision and encouraging you to start the BIZZ Fast Track Programme.

How do I start a business?

  • First you need to find your why.
  • Understand what do you know?
  • What do you love?
  • What can you offer?

Where do find a business idea?
(and evaluate whether it is a good one or not)

  • Find your first business idea (by using the know, love and offer above)
  • Brainstorm your business
  • Choose your business
  • Validate your business

How do I find more customers?

  • Find your audience exercise
  • Customer demographics
  • Value proposition
  • Your synergy between your product/service and your customer

How do I raise more money?

  • Investment capital
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Angel investors

** The majority of these questions are covered in our  ‘Why Business Programme’ available to download now £47 (RRP £177).