The SEED Formula

The SEED Formula

Empowering Rural People in the U.K.

Last September we took the opportunity to launch The Seed Formula – a new, fun, invigorating programme to support female rural entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland – it was a tremendous success with 14 businesses built and some 200+ entrepreneurs inspired to start a brand or business by the end of the programme.

In addition our team were highly commended by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister of Northern Ireland, Edwin Poots MLA – a great accolade to achieve for a start-up build out of lockdown.

It’s time to open the doors again and invite you – irrespective of your gender or location in the U.K. to come join us on our online, offline, part-time programme.

We are covering everything from why business to sales and marketing to finances and partnerships and everything in between, ending with a brilliant opportunity to pitch your business to us with a view to future investment.

This offer is open to those who are ready and committed so sign-up before the commencement date to secure your place. To join us, please make your payment of £650 (RRP £999) inclusive of vat below.


Hear it straight from a previous cohort.

“Shirley combines her extensive corporate experience with her keen interest in the individual to create a programme that is both challenging and encouraging to the budding entrepreneur. The key Seed Formula elements of teaching the basics alongside individual and group mentoring provide a supportive space to learn and grown alongside like minded individuals. The programme is encouraging me to transform what felt like an unachievable pipe dream into reality”.  ABIGAIL

“Shirley is so knowledgeable, yet she will answer any question with no judgement – no question is too stupid! When starting off a business you don’t know what you don’t know. This programme helps you think deeper and outside of the box. The camaraderie between all the fellow entrepreneurs is supportive and encouraging  I feel honoured and privileged being part of this programme”. NICOLA

“At the beginning of the programme I simply had an idea. Six weeks later I now have the beginnings of a brand. Through mindful teaching and entrepreneurial experience, Shirley uniquely delivers a business programme like no other. I now believe in both myself and my business”. LOUISE

“Shirley has given me the confidence to rely on my own instinct in regards to my decisions in my business. The peer support is so encouraging and lovely to share the ups and downs with others who are also experiencing the same things!” CAITRIN

“Shirley has helped me see and acknowledge the reality of what I have done already and given me the confidence to now know that anything is possible with the right people and knowledge around you. With the added safety that comes with them walking beside you also”. LOUISA

“This programme is making my dream of being a successful entrepreneur a reality”. PAULINE

“The programme is giving me so much more clarity. I have probably approached my business more like a hobby for the past few years and Shirley has helped me reposition. I am so motivated and excited to grow. Her knowledge is extensive and it is a real privilege to be a part of this programme”. JAI

This programme is designed to fully support and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey with specific consideration given to rural people throughout the U.K.