The SEED Formula

LEDCOM and SIMPLE SERIES  are very excited to launch ‘The SEED Formula‘ supporting and empowering rural women in Northern Ireland.  The 3-month programme is open to start-ups or entrepreneurs who are committed, enthusiastic and passionate people who want to start or boost their businesses now.

We are covering everything from why business to sales and marketing to finances and partnerships and everything in between, ending with a brilliant opportunity to pitch your business to us with a view to future investment.

This offer is open to those who are ready and committed so sign-up before the commencement date to secure your place. To join us, please make your payment of £349 (RRP £599) inclusive of vat below.

Don’t have the funds? We have that covered too. For those in need we have made available a number of sponsored places.

All applications are open here. Ready to sign up – then do so below.

Hear it straight from a previous cohort.

“Really enjoying the programme, feeling like a complete novice with the business side of things but with Shirley and the teams very supportive and knowledgeable expertise – I know we will excel.” – Keeley

“I feel like I’m starting to see things a lot clearer when it comes to running a business and although the tools I am learning were for a future business that I will be starting when all this madness is over, to my surprise I can also implement them with my current business too. This programme is most definitely for anyone either in business or starting up with an idea.

I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Shirley and the team supporting me when I was feeling down a few weeks back I wouldn’t be where I am now with this clear and informative programme. Thank you.” – Heather

“I am really enjoying the programme. The biggest thing for me is my motivation and lately it’s something I’ve lacked. However, when I read one of the Simple Series Facebook posts or after 5 minutes into the live sessions, I’m geared right back up. Phenomenal support by their mentors who are filled with knowledge and it is such a lovely group of people to be on this journey with.” – Monique

“I have found that working in a group like this is very supportive and engaging, as well as the presence, knowledge and participation of their great mentors . They instil a positive and simple approach to overcome fears, doubts and accompanying us optimistically towards our success.” – Emanuela

This programme is designed to fully support and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey with specific consideration given to rural women in Northern Ireland.